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Tokyo Story

This movie changed my life. After watching it I felt like time had slowed down and all of my senses were heightened. Washing dishes, looking out my kitchen window in the early morning I noticed a dew drop had formed on one of my houseplants leafs. Why did I feel this way after watching this movie? Its because its of a different time, when people were slower, less distracted and more present.




It's a beautiful film full of truth and honest emotions. Its shot as though you are a fly on the wall, an observer of a family event. Its has a very distinct look and I wouldn't be surprised if Wes Anderson was highly influenced by this film. It's kind of like watching a Wes Anderson film with none of the jokes and hipster characters.  




Watch old films, watch this old film. It has a grounding effect on many levels and it has substance. Treat yourself to a good meal, set aside your phone and other distractions and watch this film. If it's raining outside, even better.


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Posted on April 5, 2018 and filed under Content with substance.