The Seventh Seal

Is there a God? That is a good question.

The main character in the Seventh Seal comes home from the crusades to find that the plague is ravaging europe. Naturally he is questioning his faith, he has been through a lot, seen a lot and the future looks bleak.


In this film death is very real, so real that it takes on human form. The Crusader speaks with him and wagers a game of chess for more time on this earth. He needs more time, time to hear an answer.

Death is real.

My great aunt Mimi just passed away and her belief in God was powerful. She spoke in tongues and every time I left her house she would say, “bathe in the blood!” She said more than that but that always stuck out to me. I loved it. She was talking about the blood of Jesus. Don't fight, it's a good thing. We live in a time where you don't see a lot of people talking about God in movies and TV. It was refreshing to see a character praying on camera, speaking to God, even though he got no answer.

Where is Mimi now? I think she is with God. What happened to the crusader in this film? I'm not sure, didn't seem to end too well. I didn't particularly like what the director had to say, but it was beautifully stated.

Do you think there is nothing? Do you believe in God?


One last thing.

Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty.

Love you Mimi.  





Posted on April 10, 2018 .

Tokyo Story

This movie changed my life. After watching it I felt like time had slowed down and all of my senses were heightened. Washing dishes, looking out my kitchen window in the early morning I noticed a dew drop had formed on one of my houseplants leafs. Why did I feel this way after watching this movie? Its because its of a different time, when people were slower, less distracted and more present.




It's a beautiful film full of truth and honest emotions. Its shot as though you are a fly on the wall, an observer of a family event. Its has a very distinct look and I wouldn't be surprised if Wes Anderson was highly influenced by this film. It's kind of like watching a Wes Anderson film with none of the jokes and hipster characters.  




Watch old films, watch this old film. It has a grounding effect on many levels and it has substance. Treat yourself to a good meal, set aside your phone and other distractions and watch this film. If it's raining outside, even better.


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Posted on May 11, 2016 .

Something fell into the well.

Something fell into the well. There's no one around and the leaves whisk on the ground.  Is there water below? it seems wet and moldy but there's also a freshness that you cant quite place. You walk up and peer into the darkness.  A coy fish swims around in circles at what looks to be cool fresh water below.  Rain drops begin to fall and ripples form. The coy fish stops like it froze in mid swim.  Everything is frozen.  The ripples, the drops falling, the leafs in mid flight.  Everything fades to black. 

Posted on January 20, 2016 .